short sighted
near sighted
hind sight,
one sided
two faced
about face.
rear ended
advanced placement
reunited and
pull over and
smell the coffee
roll over and
play dead
make peace or
cry milk.
start your engines
count your chickens;
race relations and
outlawed by
something to crow about.
December 9, 2000
sps ©2000
will you recognize me when I get back
all brown with the red and green stripes making me feel good
like they always did
I have come so far I wonder if you will know me when I greet you
the way I am now
all brown good good brown
dirt bark rusty fur, hickory cape almond bow
all my historiescometogether like a ring of copper in a burning blue sky
will you recognize me when I get back
feeling so cold so old so warmandconnectedtomybones?
bodybones trombones quarterhorse newness
I plead not for I have been fed the lush grey of compassion
I have been swept gently by day and by night
I find myself in the ring in the blue and I wonder
do you recognize me now that I am here?
November 15, 2001
sps ©2001
Carla Could
Do you want to be like carla bley
wear your hair in a bridal train
wait under the el
under the tracks
a deep sea diver
ol' bran' new like a radio flyer
jump on the band and fix yer little red
oooo oo
I can hardly wait cuzzitzall
downhill from now on down
pebbles and puddles and pennies and crawl
inthe sofwet clover
cooling hail
ooo oo oooooo
not coasting contrary coyote
nor wishing with fever to fail
breakout of your father's jail
and run and still
with me tonite
we'll dress up and walk downhill
ankiss thpebbles
anmarry thpuddles.
then Wholed Up in Our Selves, we will
RUN LIKE HELL. (hair flying).
October, 2000.
sps ©2000
carta Christmas a un amigo
December 25, 2000
Dear Viggo,
how was new zealand.have you ever dyed your hair red or worn it in a ponytail? I am going strong and sometimes soft.dancing,I move my way across the nighttime across the waves that I miss so much. Ten times I have wished for the scent of your magic to play freely run with strong legs.
One of the best fortunes I ever got from a cookie was: if all of our wishes were gratified some of our dreams would be destroyed. Ok rock on me i'm with that.
Best dreams, then, to you and your dear ones.
Merry Christmas.
Love, Sara P. Smith.
Hola Flaco,
y como esta su lazy boy. Y el viernes, como es el pelo? Me voy para salud-la rosita es también conmigo que buena. Bailando,arcos brazos me revelán la luna. dulce. triste. Amigo, te menos como girafas del mundo tierra y verde.
Pasteles verdaderas me muestra: si los manos son del mar son del amor. Ok estoy rockinándomela con eso. segura.
Pues, tengan ustedes manos felices y sonrisas como caballos.
Feliz Navidad.
Con Amor, Sarape Smith.
sps ©2000