Cry With Me
(sung by Erik Della Penna on The Songs of Sara P. Smith)
I want them to cry with me…mmmm…hmmmm
To feel the loss, to tell the time, and understand the cost
I want them to let down, break down, tell me that I'm doing great
Instead they turn to their dictionaries
I swear to God it wouldn't be too late, if you guys want to
Cry with me.
30 years and I'm #1. I sought the faith and I shot the gun
I made the game and I played the fool…and I flunked out of school
Still in my place as we always are. Still somehow feeling away somewhere far
Pretending I'm home sitting on the wall watching the eggs fall…down
I want them to cry with me…
Each day a little older, another trail ride. Each night the presence bolder and walking at my side
You know that I found out that I'm the best I've ever been
Wrecked on this shore, breathing in deep
So the song ends, so as the chorusweeps…
I want them to cry with me.
sps ©2004
Waver On
(from the Logjam CD)
Ready? Ready. Waver, ok.
The bristles in the moonlight can't keep a straight face anyways
The foghorn has no spit valve, just imagine all that noise
I'm in the ocean and I'm missing my old boys
Ready? Ready. Sing me an old song.
Cuz my boots are way too salty and my ears are buzzing dog
The right dance is in movies and the Blessed are painting toys
I'm in the ocean and I'm missing my old boys
Waver On, seeming cowboys.
Waver On, Mexican related
Waver On, Long John Silver
Waver On.
Ready? Ready. Raisin kill at dawn.
Dry 'em out and tie 'em off and stick 'em in yer barn
Were those adoration cuff links that I noticed in your hair
I'm in the ocean, would you boys send me a pair?…
Waver On…
sps ©1998
If I Were My Own Daughter
If I were my own daughter
What would I say to me?
If I were my own daughter
what would I say to me?
I'd say,
"Kick that snowball home, girl
kick that snowball home.
Right with friends or
left alone,
Kick that snowball home."
sps 1998