some of the folks Sara has performed and/or recorded with (to her delight):
Dizzy Gillespie 
Henri (w/ Stephen Hodges, Smokey Hormel & Larry Taylor)  Lotuseaters
Isotope 217 (w/ Jeff Parker and other wonderful people/ players) The Unstable Molecule
Jesse James & the Cowpies (1st band - cardboard doublebass; pictured above) 
The Last Kwartet 
Logjam Logjam Featuring Sara P. Smith
Rob Mazurek & The Chicago Underground Orchestra Playground
Duke McVinnie 
Blue Meanies 
Viggo Mortensen One Less Thing to Worry About, The Other Parade
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus (w/clowns, elephants, and many drumrolls) 
Shivaree I Outta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making Me Live in This Dump
Sam Taylor Jr. 
Tracy Thielen & the Hindenburg Ground Crew Margaret Dumont
Toe Toe 2000
Tortoise TNT
Bill Watrous